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Call of Duty Black Ops (kasutatud)

Nintendo Wii mängud
Action, Sõjamängud
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Call of Duty: Black Ops on väga populaarne sõjamäng.
Kuna Wii jääb jõudluselt Playstation 3 ja Xbox 360 konsoolidele alla, siis on Wii versioonis madalam graafika ja liikumise sujuvus, puuduvad ka osad võimalused, mis on PC ja teiste konsoolide Call of Duty mängudes (näiteks final KillCams, third-person vaade, DLC map'id, split screen).

Selle hüvitamiseks on tehtud ainult Wii mängule järgmised muudatused ja eripärad:

  • The AUG is available to buy on the podium on Kino der Toten.
  • All Pack-a-Punched weapons are green and the Porter's X2 Ray Gun is black and orange.
  • The Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife will revive a down player when meleeing them.
  • Extended Magazines increases the player's reserve ammo capacity.
  • Ghost Pro protects players from Attack Dogs.
  • The Attack Helicopter is much stronger and fires faster than in other consoles/PC. This is likely to balance the lack of some killstreaks.
  • The Multiplayer map "Jungle" is more convenient for stealth and campers, as it includes more patches of grass and bushes, and the player has the ability to go prone while in the river.
  • All pistols, and most SMGs are held with one hand to allow for weapon twisting.
  • It is possible to ADS straight down.
  • Using the AkimboKiparis will gain them their stocks.
  • Compatibility with the Classic Controller (Pro).

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